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Reason to ban smoking tobacco in public places isn’t for people to give up smoking. It’s banned so that non-smokers don’t suffer because of the 2nd hand smoke, which is a very valid thing to do & I suppose it should have been implemented long time ago. Something’s are better left to individuals discretion. As per abiding by norms of living in a free country, each one of us has a right to make a choice. Education, society, friends, exposure adds up to the way we think. I have seen people turning cold turkey all of a sudden. Of course, its for a reason. So until you find your reason, live it up.

Indian tobacco is good but Indian Tobacco Company, now they are into all sorts of business, FMCG and what not. ITC - goldflakes, wills, clssic...blah blah, the company started off as a cigarette company and now they are into everything. Can't say much, since I myself am a smoker and I wasn't trying to make any point apart from Indian tobacco quality is good.

I think the recent ban on tobacco at public places is a great idea to start with. i believe to further curb consumption of tobacco is should be made very expensive to buy. like right now a pack of cigarette is rs 90 it should be made 300 lloll then the consumption will automatically go down. even those cheaper alternatives should become so expensive that its out of the reach of common man!

I think tobacco in India provides employment to a lot of people in rural area. And in a labour intensive country likes ours, if tobacco gets banned then what happens to all these people? I personally feel that banning tobacco is not a solution because then lots of other things can also be banned! Education is necessary so people make an informed choice.

Tobacco should be banned else people like me will smoke..tobacco is bad for should be banned in all forms..a society cannot legalize a product which is surely bad for health..its not like alcohol. As alcohol is firstly not always bad for health also sometimes it is used as medicines, as in medical purposes. The lobby is supported only at economical level..Social usage cannot be a reason as lots of smokers try quitting it. Smokers want to quit it but as it is easily available and its hard to quit.

Since production of tobacco is concentrated mainly in rural areas, so its a cash crop of India. I do not think it should be banned because Indian tobacco quality is very good and mainly due to economic reasons as our tobacco is exported to all 3rd world countries. Also indian cigarettes are preferred because they are mild, mellow n last longer. Tobacco is also one of the ingredients in tooth powders.

I completely support the ban. It's high time we thought about our friends and fellowbeings. It's only fair to be sensitive towards their choice and health if they supported smoking, they might as well hold a cigarette. Why force them to smoke passively. It's a shame that we need a ban, to realise these simple things. Every smoker must realise that it is good manners to respect non-smokers and saving them from passive smoking...

Its good in a way that the government has imposed the ban, smoking is injurious to health. But each one is responsible for their own lives, not the government. Besides, the government rather then banning the object, should focus on the motive behind the object.

Firstly I think the smoking ban was a really good idea - it clearly has had visible results. Secondly I think smoking as a habit is not discouraged enough in India, as in its very socially tolerated and lastly India is sitting on a massive time-bomb of respiratory diseases... so some investment in healthcare for the same is due.. else the social costs of treating these diseases besides the sheer suffering will be unmanageable.
Jagrat Patel, MumbaiJagrat Patel

I'm very happy with the no smoke legislation for hotels and restaurants, it has made going out such a good smoke free experience. You can eat
and spend time there in peace without smoke burning eyes or face

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Sagar said... @ February 5, 2009 at 2:49 PM

i agree tobacco is bad for health. but banning it is no way to make people quit. that will just make them want it more. moreover, every individual has the right to make his/her decision. if they wish to smoke, let them. no-one has the right to tell them what not to do. people and organisations working against tobacco probably have nothing better to do in life but meddle in others lives. they need to realise that to make people give up tobacco, all they can do is spread awareness about its ill effects. no ban or law will ever stop them.

mittal said... @ February 7, 2009 at 1:12 AM

Smoking and other addictions are not easy to quit. We all including people who choose to smoke know that smoking is not good for health. It is one of the major risk factors for heart disease and many other diseases. I agree that smoking is individual's own choice but we as a society, friends or family members have responsibility to help them making a right choice. That is also true that if people do not want to help themselves we can not help them. But we should keep trying. There should be proper education and help available from health care providers. They also need psychological support during their withdrawal phase. Their families also need to be educated to be supportive. They need to be aware of consequences of their choice. Also media and news papers can help in presenting reality to people. Legal actions can also be helpful. If taxes or prices are high people will try to cut down because of the cost. I think banning tobacco is not realistic right now. Because it will affect the whole economy since so many people are employed by these tobacco companies. But increase the cost can decrease in demand.

Anonymous said... @ February 9, 2009 at 11:50 PM

I dont know why ppl dont understand abt life and how to live it.these ppl who love smoking dont care abt others,they kill themselves even the others wht should we do,we need to ban it anyhow with more solution as we can,Always remember every thing has an advantages and disadvantages,but we need to solve the problem as soon as we can,other wise we will be soon living in smoking area zone..

Bandari Nagesh said... @ February 10, 2009 at 6:52 PM

Tobbaco - Revenue for Country (in negative)

A good revenue is generated through tobbaco for our country.

Tobbaco - Sale
Good income, Employment and many more...

Tobbaco - Health
Good income for doctors, Pharmacy industries.

Tobbaco - Population
More consumtion - Less Population

sapna said... @ February 11, 2009 at 7:38 PM

I am of strong opinion on banning of Tobacco and related products. Easy availability of chewing tobacco in pouches has become a nuisance with people spitting everywhere. Our country has become country of spitters. You can see it everywhere be it public transport, railway stn, or any pvt or public place. I would request some sanity prevails and govt should ban these pouches.

Col Pieush agrawal

Bhavika said... @ February 12, 2009 at 3:30 PM

@ Sagar - you are right to an extent that banning tobacco would just lead to people finding other ways or places to smoke it, but the ban was necessary for the non-smokers. It has proved effective for them, why should non-smokers suffer and risk their lives.

@ Mittal - Thank you for your opinion. Awareness is really important, and educating the masses about its hazards...Each person has its own choice, but in order for him/her to make sound decisions the person has to be fully aware of the consequences of his actions. India will lose nearly 1 million people by 2010 due to tobacco use, and ban was a way to put a stop. Why kill yourself by using tobacco?

Bhavika said... @ February 12, 2009 at 3:44 PM

@ Grace - thank you for taking the time to post your comment:) we understand your concern, and the ban has shown some positive result, so spread the word, and increase awareness...

@ Bandari Nagesh - interesting view...but we dont need to lose people or reduce our population due to tobacco use...its too much of suffering.

Thats what the World Conference on Tobacco or Health will be about, to exchange views on this debatable subject and empowering the consumer by taking their opinions to higher authorities.

Dhiren said... @ February 12, 2009 at 5:16 PM

I think, first of all Govt. should take necessary steps for stop the production of all these tobaccos like gutkha (which is very dangerous)& Cigarettes.I dont think, the rule "Selling of Tobacco, Cigarettes etc below 18 years is prohibited" is sufficient. In my point of view, I will say these all should be banned by Govt.

Chandra said... @ February 13, 2009 at 12:34 AM

First of all thanks a lot for one who started this campaign, I really appreciate their efforts.
If we wait for the govt to take steps, then please forget about it, nothing gonna happen, we have to come forward, we have to be together to fight. Why govt will close down the manufacturing units??? there are millions of workers working in these factories, who gonna feed them??? I am sure, you are not going to be one, nor me. The only thing govt can do is ban on loose cigs, when there are no more loose cigs in the market then no one is willing to spend INR 100 for a pack of cigs. the 2nd thing is the price, the govt should hike the price, the price should be hiked 200 times to 500 times, and i am sure there is no NGO who will come forward and will fight to bring the cost down.
These things can be done by govt, but the last but not the least thing will be done by me. If my house is burning, I will not ask you to save my house, i have to do that.
So its simple, if we want a smoke free nation, a city, be the leader not follower...

Clyde said... @ February 13, 2009 at 10:46 AM

@ Dhiren thanks for letting us know your point of view, but as you know it cannot be banned cause of the revenue it generates

@ Chandra thank you for leaving your opinion I think that a cigarette packet that costs around Rs.500 to Rs.1000 will definetly discourage a huge amount of smokers. But even the loss of consumption will make a lot of people losse their jobs in the end, it seems like a vicious cycle.

Lets hope for the best and thanks for letting us know what you think.

Moody said... @ February 18, 2009 at 12:12 PM

Not that it cannot be banned 'cos of revenue it generates it also give employment to a million people in rural central India, and anyway banning is not a solution.

Only way is to discourage people. This needs a lot of hard work.

Anuradha said... @ February 19, 2009 at 12:04 PM

I think a very important factor about nicotine is that more often than not it is psychologically addictive. Banning tobacco may not make people stop. Whereas awareness or bringing case studies to the fore might. Things like these present an opportunity to test and strengthen our will power and come face to face with our priorities in life. As for the lower income group/children/the uneducated, we ought to design a harmless substitute or get art festivals/ theatre groups/ audiovisual companies to do some real work by using art & entertainment for social awareness and advancement.

Pathfinder said... @ February 19, 2009 at 4:00 PM

most people get into smoking because it is cool and trendy , or atleast percived that way . The youth especially do it to fit in with their peer group , and because it has been glamourised in films . The might not even like it , but do it all the same and soon get addicted to it . We must stop cigarette advertisements and also stop showing smoking on-screen .

Gugan said... @ February 19, 2009 at 11:48 PM

Banning of smoking in public place is a welcome thing. But what the government needs to ensure is proper implementation of law. The law says smoking in public places like bus stops, restaurants is prohibited. But it has left a sort of loop hole by not including a place like a road side tea shop which is very common thing in our country. One can see lot of people smoking around this place.
Smoking is no doubt a greater health hazard. What is needed is not a stricter law but creating awareness to best of efforts. Smoking or quitting it is a choice which everyone has to make out of knowledge than out of passion. A conducive environment has to be created where every smoker seen smoking is looked down upon by non-smokers as social evil so as to send home the point that he is not causing injury to himself but also to others around him by what we call passive smoking. Only when society establishes their rights to a cleaner and healthier environment can menace such as smoking be put to an end.

Prateek said... @ February 21, 2009 at 11:31 PM

It is a nice initiative to ban smoking in public areas.Government should completely ban smoking & the use of tobacco in public areas & at under age level.Government should take care that this should be proper omplemented.I am a college students & i see my friends indulged in smoking and drinking.This law should be properly employed but we can't do anything at personal level.

Ruby said... @ February 22, 2009 at 10:28 PM

So true! Even after being aware of this fact, I hardly find people following this! Public smoking par ban bhi lag gaya hai, phir bhi log khule aam smoke karte hain! I dont understand what's not getting into their heads! ek tho apni jaan khatre main daal lete hain, par doosron ki jaan tho BAKSH DO!!! kya bigaada hai un logon ne?? This is something very serious and has to be dealt with as soon as possible. Why not BEGIN TODAY???

Ashok Suri said... @ February 25, 2009 at 7:21 PM

I am living in a city where I think more than 80% Gents chew tobacco,mostly using GUTKA. The age of people is from 10 years to any age. I found so many ladies are also chewing GUTKA. The size & design of mouth of all the Gents is ina shape that any one can imagine that this male is chewing Gutka. In the Etawah & Mainpuri district of UP maximum gents use Gutka. No other way to save these people exept Banning GUTKA. May GOD save us. Ashok Suri

jjrose said... @ March 4, 2009 at 7:11 PM


sowmya said... @ March 7, 2009 at 11:02 PM

i think tobacco is highly dangerous think in our country among to lead a healthy life everyone should withdraw the bad habits they have.for the first time it would be difficult one to avoid but later on by diverting on meditation and other divinely things,all bad habits can be cause liver cancer and other liver and lung abnormalities.we youth oterwise the pillars of future india will surely eradicate tobacco

apoorav said... @ June 1, 2009 at 11:20 AM

smoking is very bad affect our health.we say many times that dont smok an dont eat tobaco.they do not listen.after sometime they make a habit of this thing.when they get ill then they realise.

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