Passive Smoking: A Bigger Threat


Passive smoking We are all aware of the statutory warning: Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health. But, what most of us don’t realise is that exposure to smoke is a bigger threat.

Yes, passive smoking is more harmful than we think. According to a study released by Stanford University, a brief exposure to second hand tobacco smoke can cause similar damage or more damage to non-smokers than smokers. In fact, if one is exposed to outdoor passive smoking it is even more dangerous.

Experts say the reason is simple: there are enough pollutants in the air and this air combined with toxic pollutants produced while smoking makes it really worse, which in turn poses higher health risk.

So, the next time you are outside with your friends or family, try and spare a thought on the risks you could pass on, before you light a smoke. And, it’s not that passive smoking indoors is any safer. It might pose a little less threat than outdoor passive smoking, but the effects and risks are almost similar. Passive smoking is more harmful than smoking cigarettes

These health hazards could be asthma, chronic bronchitis, breathlessness at night and even irregular heartbeat. If you have been smoking in the company of your non-smoker friends or family for a long time, chances are that they could be facing a risk of premature death or non-fatal heart attacks.

If numbers is what you are likely to believe, then here is some fact. In 2006, a report released in the US, stated that second hand cigarette smoke or passive smoking exposed about 126 million people at risk of heart disease, lung cancer and death.

Here’s a thought, you may have felt like a man or in control with that puff of smoke, but can you put yourself at a high pedestal, when you could be responsible for your friends’ or loved ones health.


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