Parental Smoking is Injurious to Child's Health


Protect children from smoke You may have found your reasons to smoke and to accept it as a part of your life. And, you may have all right reasons to overlook the ill-effects of smoking. But, how about giving your child a reason to choose what it wants?

So, here are some facts that might make you revisit your habit. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), in the United States about 6,000 adolescent turn into smokers almost every day. Most of these have been to exposed to smoke at an early age. Hence, they have somewhere accepted the fact that it's okay to be seen with a cigarette. Further, WHO also cited that every day over 15 million children are exposed to smoke in their homes.

In a study conducted by Salaam Bombay Foundation with 6351 students under the age of 18 from 19 municipal and private schools it was found that over 40% of their parents consumed tobacco. This in itself is a matter of great concern as parents using tobacco leads to more social acceptability and a role model in their minds.

If numbers look big, try this. It is understood that passive smoking has greater effect on children than adults. It’s not just about accepting it as a part of life, but these children are prone to higher health risks.

The term scientifically described as Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), and popularly referred to as passive smoking possess the ability to cause cancer in human. If the exposure to ETS happens on a regular basis before the age of 10 years, there are high chances that the child can develop lymphoma and leukemia (cancers of the blood) as an adult.

But, not all children fall under that category. Some may face regular health problems like increased risk of cold, wheezing, shortness-of-breath, risk of developing asthma and a weak immune system. The list doesn’t stop here. There are enough studies and reports to highlight more risks and diseases in children. So, do take a look at them, before it’s too late. Here’s wishing your child a healthy life!

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