Is Smoking a State of Mind?


With a cigarette in my hand I feel like a man The ill-effects of smoking are not a new revelation. But, most smokers spin a surprise look, when they hear about the harmful effects of smoking. However, there is little to wonder, after all, smoking is nothing but the effect of psychoactive drug nicotine and its stimulating effects on the brain.

Basically, what the drug does is create a pleasurable effect on the smoker, and once it’s inhaled, more often than not people start depending on the drug. Thus, turning non-smokers into smokers.

The reasons for inhaling that first drag could be plenty. And, most of it is the state of mind. Haven’t you heard of reasons like, "Everyone around me smokes, so how can I be seen without a light?" or "It tingles my creative brain" or "A cigarette makes me feel confident." But have you realised that these are nothing but make believe situations created by you. What you are doing here is playing mind games with yourself.

Remember, smokers are not considered stylish or crass. The habit of smoking is what makes a person. So, if it’s just about a habit, then one can adapt a new habit that is not just chic, but healthy for everyone. Isn’t it? So, instead of creating excuses, use your mind to imagine yourself as a non-smoker every night before you go to sleep.

It is believed that your subconscious mind will work on the last thoughts before you retire for the day. I know, it’s easy to preach, but it is still worth a shot. And, we are sure that if your mind takes it seriously, you may even be able to come up with a book on interesting facts on how to use your state of mind to quit smoking. So, go on and play some mind games.

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