Tobacco is a necessity more than it is a luxury, the quality of life is so bad this is a small piece of solace available to people across strata of society.

Just like an adult movie, the sale to tobacco or its products should be banned to children below 18 years of age.

On one hand, we take pride in calling ourselves a young nation—over 40% of our population comprises the youth. On the other, we turn a blind eye to the systematic poisoning of these same youth that hold the key to our future. It is a fact of immense shame that India is both the largest manufacturer and consumer of flavored chewing tobacco (Guthka). Available ubiquitously at a stone's throw from schools and colleges for as low as a few cents, Guthka is a “silent killer.” For years, the Indian government has unsuccessfully tried to ban the sale and consumption of this highly addictive mix, but the only beneficiaries of this movement have been manufacturers, who have used this as an opportunity to hike prices and bootleg. As Guthka manufacturers drive shamelessly around in their Maybachs and Bentleys, innocent addicts are languishing in pain in our government hospitals. It is a known fact that this billion dollar industry is being supported by both the drug mafia as well as terrorists from across borders. It is my appeal through this forum to the responsible citizens of India: It is our moral duty to join hands in fighting against this deadly virus and ensure that our youth are not destroyed. Please join hands and support this cause. We can and will make a difference. I humbly request our politicians and leaders to support us in eradicating this killer virus once and for all. Jai Hind.

Don't let your life go up in smoke!!!!

I think we need to have some rules in place, like one can only buy a complete pack of ciggies. Loose ciggs should not be sold as this will definetly decrease the amount of first time smokers. A person who wants to start generally will buy one cigarette at a time. Bad quality ciggs shudnt be sold, No PANAMA, GenNext.. or whatever...only Classic Milds, GOLDFLAKE and above... as these atleast have decent size filters. That's what i think.

I really don't have an opinion although it seems stupid to take steps to avoid smokin n public when nothing is done to stop production.

Tthe age limit should be taken seriously at the pan bidi shops. I've seen a lot of kids below the permissible age buying cigs/gutka...and the shopkeepers’ don’t give a f&*k!

First, it's not so much about Tobacco in India as it's about Tobacco and other substance (gutka, pan parags, crystals, bidis, pills, baba, sweety supari, goa) related disinformation methodolgies adopted globally! Legalizing Weed can be a great thing for the economy !

Sach main tho gutka aur tabbaco lane buri bath hai I don’t like if any one chewing guthka next to me because its make the city dirty. Everywhere there are stains jhidhar adhmi ko thook na nahi chaiya waha thook tha hai. Thats the bad part, achhi bath yay hai ki tarki dur kartha hai.

Personally I hate it, cos wen i see millions everyday spitting everywhere left right & center, it disgusts me to the core ideally I would want tobacco to be banned altogether but I know its impractical and not possible.

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