Smoking is a silent killer be it in one form or the other. To add to it a lot of people are exposed to Passive Smoking which is even more harmful or equally bad for an individual. The initiative by the Government to ban smoking in public places was a good move and it is high time something similar is brought about with regards to consumption of Gutka or just Tobacco in the country. The Government needs to have more initiatives to make the public more aware of the harmful effects of Tobacco, just like we have the Ring the Bell Campaign, something similar should be highlighted. What is even more disgusting is the consumption of Tobacco and its misuse on public property. The Government should have stringent rules in order to keep the city clean and dirt free.

Its BAD, we know that it creates a lot of health problems for people who consume it, although it is a high revenue earner for the govt, it should be allowed only in exceptional cases. It makes people addictive and finally takes their lives, this leads to personal, financial and physical issues among the person consuming it day in and day out. Its a small poison in itself, people consume it first and then it consumes the same people later. It takes a lot of lives every year and the count is ever-increasing.
Mitul Shantilal Rambhia, Mumbai

I am all for complete eradication of tobacco. But then we should also ensure that the plantation workers are adequately rehabilitated.

Tobacco specially the unprocessed one should be banned in India so much so that not so many variants are sold any where else in the world. Gutkha is the worst of all and it takes its toll in the form of mouth cancer and bad teeth etc. I cant stand a guy chewing Gutkha. Smoking is equally bad but regarded a fashion which is not good. Indian cigarettes do not even mention nicotine content. It should be made mandatory. Overall in my view Tobacco should be banned immediately and its farming should also be banned. People should be encouraged and educated to get rid of it and stay away from it.

The use of tobacco in our country is increasing day by day. The govt is not implementing any new plan for this. Any plan the govt has laid, has not worked. In the case of farmers who cultivate tobacco, if the govt bans tobacco, then they will starve, one good thing the govt can do for the farmer is help them cultivate other crops. But how will the govt shut down, because the manufacturers pay huge bribe to the govt. The most addicted to tobacco are teenagers who get influenced by the media and tobacco ads. Tobacco is one of the most dangerous things, and the youth can't understand its harmful effect. The thing we can do for the ones addicted is to igve proper counselling and treatment.
Filosh Mohan, Gujarat

As far as concerned with banning tobacco ,then frankly speaking it will make employed people unemployed....so instead of banning tobacco we should put restriction or there should be some law for not selling tobaccos to minor.
Rajiv, Mumbai

I feel that people who smoke are careless and do not want to accept that they are weak and escapists. We all know the potential dangers of tobacco and the facts, still we do not picture ourselves being affected by it. We are fine smoking but do not want to think of the effects it may have on others. Same thing with gutkha too, its just addiction to the taste and whatever ingredient it has, that soothens the nerves, its more of an issue of victory of body over mind, physical needs take precedence over mental, social and emotional ones. Need to fulfill physical urges and ignore wat your mind tells. To sum up, addiction, carelesness, weakness, lack of reasoning, escapism and not wanting to shoulder responsibility.
Roohi Ahmed, Mumbai.

Its for the government to ban it completely, but alas they seem to be more concerned about the revenue it brings. Dheema zehar hai yeh, chod do, varna pachtaoge, ek din aayega ghut ghut ke mar jaoge. This has been going on for years, rallies, campaigns etc., but nothing seems to have changed, on the contrary the number of tobacco consumers seems to be increasing. They can't change anything, its the people who need to change, its the friend who encourages another to smoke, who needs to change, its the shopkeeper who sells the devilish stuff who needs to change. We need a change, stand up and smoke away tobacco.

The government banned tobacco and gutka products but not sealed the factories, If there is no production, no supply automatically no one can smoke, but govt can't do this because there is a huge loss of tax.

I think the production of tobacco itself should be stopped. Then there will not be other issues like putting ban on smoking, writing statutory warning on cigarette packets, etc. But govt is not willing to do this because then it would have to let go huge amount of taxes. As for the farmers who are growing tobacco, the plants should be used for some other purpose "atleast" for the time till all the tobacco plants are being used up. For example, studies are already in progress for utilizing tobacco as biofuel. I think there is a need for the govt to divert the utilization of tobacco instead of spending heaps of rupees behind anti-tobacco campaign.

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