Well the cigarette itself has tempted me on one occasion when my friends were smoking it, but thankfully didn't get through it since a senior had wittingly scared me out of it. Till now I didn't know why I wanted to try it but just that I wanted to know how it felt. And I guess that's how it starts. We learn from what others do so I'm guessing among the youth that itself is a mode of spreading the habit. Being accepted as part of a social circle tends to pervert the mind into all sorts of stuff.

From what I've read, cigarettes are a major source of income so knowing that itself is disheartening. Man being a creature of habit, enforcing rules as such won't help as it leads to resistance and unnecessary outbreaks. In med school I was told that rehabs themselves have very high failure rates, therefore they look to project the success' so as to encourage more and more people to quit.

So banning, increasing prices, informed choices and what not are helpful in preventing the blind leading the blind but unfortunately not definitive in anyway.

Unless the user himself retrieves from this habit its unstoppable from society. Even the policy makers go for a ban of tobacco in public who is going to follow? First it has to be implemented in each and every state and the state should follow the rule strictly.

In real scenario here in TN, govt has banned it 3 times but they are not taking any action on the users in public. People will use it scarcely for a week, after knowing govt is liberal they take it to their advantage and this cycle continues. I conclude with a last statement, since INDIA is democratic nobody can stop this unless the person changes his habit or the politicians shouldn't be hungry for money from producers of tobacco products. Only then its purely possible otherwise its the fate of INDIA to loose people due to tobacco.

I feel the government is showing double standards in banning smoking in public, but hasn't banned it completely, because of which, people still smoke in public.
Parin Chheda, Mumbai.

I feel banning smoking/tobacco is not the answer, rather educating about the ill-effects and consequences would help. Let us see the causes and consequences, tobacco is consumed all over the world in its various forms, in gutka, cigarettes, cigars, snuff, hookah, bidis, tooth powder, etc., It is highly addictive and habit forming. One gets induced into the habit due to stress, work pressure, work, personality disorders, insecurities, depression, cultural or familial customs or habits, peer pressure, as a way of exploring new vistas by youngsters. They would copy film stars and celebrities, being linked to manliness and style, out of curiosity, etc. When it becomes an addiction or habit, it not only causes medical problems but also social, economic and environmental problems!

What is required is information and education about the dangers of tobacco to an individual and to society at large! In the end it all boils down to PERSONAL CHOICE but it should be a well-informed, educated individual who makes the choice.
Kul Bhushan Tandon, Mumbai

Banning is not the solution, it will cause illegal sale, we won't even know the exact use of tobacco products. Rather we should increase taxes on it to make them less accessible and use the tax money for awareness and rehabilitation of people. There should be restriction on production or further progress in this industry. All big leaders and celebrities should help in creating such awareness.
Anil, Noida

I love my tobacco in various forms: Ciggies, rolled up rizlas, good old tobac and lime and and number of various other versions. I am against anti smoking.

I think not only public smoking, but also smoking on TV and movies should be banned, license should be checked before selling cigarettes, and other tobacco products. But banning smoking products is not fair as revenues from tobacco products constitute an integral part of revenue for the country.
Nitish Kapoor, Delhi

The government should ban the companies that manufacture tobacco products like gutkha, cigarettes, khaini etc., instead of banning the use of tobacco containing product like cigarette.

But lets not forget that the lives of the people who earn their daily bread by means of tobacco (such as farmers who are into tobacco farming) would be badly affected.
I read a article in a newspaper in which it was stated that the figures indicating the number of deaths caused every year due to consumption of tobacco or tobacco containing products are blown out of proportion.

Firstly referring to the ban imposed on smoking in several states including my town Shimla, people actually smoke in public places all the time and the cops just act oblivious to it! Honestly the youth is relatively more aware, w(students) frequently object to people who smoke in public places and we reprimand right in front of their face and people do feel little mortified and learn a lesson but smoking in publib places or somewhere out on a limb, you harm yourself!

The govt did confess that they get way more money from taxes on fags then the amount of money they spend on discouraging smoking! Unfortunately the better financial status of people is being splurged in such junk.

Tobacco is harmful and all that, well its compulsory for the cig companies to put their warning on the pack that it kills people who smoke it, but then its upto the people who smoke to decide whether to continue with it or leave it. Well the govt. is taking steps, increasing taxes making rules not to sell smoke to under 18. Its all useless until and unless the smokers want to stop it themselves. I myself started smoking when I was sixteen and I still remember no one could stop me from fagging. Though I did get rid of the smoking habit two years later and it was not the prices rising or some silly movie or advert which made me do it, but just that I could not bear to think that my life was dependent on a six rupee white stick with tobacco in it and I would not like to live by something that cheap like a coward and tht was it, I stopped craving for smoke any longer. Trust me its not that difficult to stop. Today I sit with all my friends smoking and not wanting to take a puff at all. Even in the rarest of the circumstances if I chose to smoke once just socially it does not get me started again. I know it sounds almost ancient to say that only way one can stop tobacco is self realization, but its only true.

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