The thing that I am going to mention right now is more dangerous than tobacco or dope or cigarettes that usually youngsters consume even though it may have the same after effects. This powerful alternative or lets say chemical is "Rubber Solution Adhesive". This is very cheaply available (Rs.7 for a 50gm pack) at any hardware or shoe material shop and is moreover sniffed by children from the slums. A really small 50gm pack can be used/sniffed till it totally dries up, which approximately takes around 8-10 days (if used just for sniffing). Hence making it the cheapest alternative available in town. This product is so dangerous that it can make a really cute little child look like a full-time dopey with dark circles around his eyes in less than a month if sniffed regularly.

The use of tobacco and gutka should definitely be banned, as there is no doubt that they are injurious to health, but it's a shame to know that there is politics been played on the name of public health. The politicians are paid hefty amounts by the tobacco companies so as not to ban it so that their trade is not affected, it is openly sold but with a warning informing to drink at your own risk. Recently there was a ban on hookah's and bars but why is there not even a mention of ban on tobacco and gutka. I've always heard that India is a colorful country, after noticing all colour on the roads and footpaths because of gutka and tobacco it has really proved that India is a colourful country.

Its a personal choice... I do not have anything against sale of tobacco or alcohol, besides the lobby is too big to be affected by individuals.

Anything that is harmful is bad. I would say this to every individual, use it but think before you commit SUICIDE.

Tobacco must be banned. I lost one of my family members due to this. In Chattisgarh tobacco was banned but within a month it people started smoking in trains, and nobody is stopping them.

Today's youth is damn sensitive or you can say they are prone to show off. They don't have any idea why they take up smoking, some of them say it makes a cool statement, or helps them if they are doing some mentally or physically exhausting work, like, "My Gf Ditched me, so i am Smoking" or "Hey i work in BPO Dude, i need to smoke." Anbumani Ramadoss made a huge step in curbing tobacco, but hardly anyone knows when it was implemented !.

According to me smoking is a matter of personal choice, it depends on an individual whether he can risk his lungs for a 'stick of pleasure', but yes, banning its use in public places is quite a right thing as one has no right to cause harm to people who chose not to smoke, by the fumes he exhales. A positive education drive against tobacco will do, for instance, I really liked the idea of our health minister suggesting film actors to avoid it on screen, I think most people take up smoking due to its hype rather than its pleasure, and that hype comes from films and TV, so its more important to tell people its harmful, rather than banning it, as I think even banned things are an easy access in India. Banning sale of tobacco to children must be strictly implemented, its just like adult cinema, you can't see it till you are old enough to judge its worth trying or not.

Actually I do smoke, but you see the point is all about ones choice. You can't stop people from smoking or boozing. The government should not exactly encourage smoking, but just prevent underage smoking and put up neat smoking zones instead. The government should do its part by putting statutory warnings and enlighten teenagers about the negatives of underage smokin, I feel most of the teens turn to smoking as a style symbol and peer pressure (I was one of them).

Actually I don't know what pleasure do smokers get in burning their lungs and lives even after knowing the hazards and ill-effects of smoking, they can't avoid it, so a ban should be imposed on tobacco and smoking for their own welfare. I am a teenager myself and I hav seen many people smoking around me, many times I have got tempted to try it, but I could never bring myself to it coz i know that once I try its got to be bad for me and maybe I get addicted. I fully support this initiative and lets hope for the best.
Rajat Emmaniac, Lucknow

Sorry can't comment on the hazards of smoking as I am a smoker too. But one thing I would like to tell the youth is tobacco can be really bad for your body. I can give my entire goodies for a year to the person who would help me quit it and never go back again.
Rashmi, Chandigarh

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Cici said... @ February 26, 2009 at 5:17 PM

Sometimes forbidden things just make children more curious.
we should tell them its uncool and teach them the harmful effects.

Mentor Mohan said... @ February 26, 2009 at 5:20 PM

Hi All,
After having been a smoker for over three decades, at last I could kick the butt almost a year back.Now both health wise and wealth wise am much better off. I keep wondering why I did not quit much earlier and reaped these benefits much earlier.... yea it's not easy, I emapathise with the smokers...... for those of you who are willing to overcome wills power with your will power, pl. go through my blog "Kick the butt.....kick in the butt.

Manisha said... @ February 27, 2009 at 4:26 PM

I think the ban has worked coz I havent seen people smoking in public places, and its feel good to enter a pub now, there is no smoke...a respite i must say!

Kiran Kumar said... @ March 2, 2009 at 7:12 PM

Here's a poem written by me on anti-smoking,

Flashback of life gave me a picture,
A picture so pure as perfection,
Ugly would have been the face of the future,
Never had thought in the weirdest of imagination.

Smoke all around me as mist of hazard,
Found peace in the lap of smoky archangel,
Opened my eyes to the world of archfiend,
Dreamed about stick of smoke all nighttime.

Looked at lost loved ones as they part,
As my spirit slowly being sacrifice,
Killing me unknowingly taking my time apart,
Soon as I realized it was too late for discontinuance.

Never thought the first smoky night,
Would lead me to the last moment,
I wish I was strong inside to fight,
Now I realize the devil is waiting outside,

Smoked all night as there was no end,
Ironically there was none,
To the loved one I would have been kind,
Manically I died, surrendered myself.

Kul Bhushan Tandon said... @ March 2, 2009 at 7:15 PM

Once an individual makes an informed choice about tobacco/smoking,he should indulge in it only in his own personal space and see to it that people,society and the environment are not affected by it !!!
To that extent smoking should be banned in public places and wherever it affects others.
Tobacco harms/affects the hair,nails,skin,mouth,teeth,stomah,gut,liver,kidneys,sex organs,etc.,and causes stomatitis,ulcers,cancer,impotence,premature aging,blindness,tb,copd,etc.,

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