Smoking Leads to Stress, not Relief


Break the habit of smoking when you stressed If there is one symptom that is common among most smokers, then it has to be stress. Most chain smokers and regular smokers or even those who have just taken up this deadly habit believe that smoking helps relieve stress. And, it is this feeling of alleviation or calmness is what leads to a daily habit of smoking. But, researchers have a different story to tell.

Various studies and research have shown that it is in fact the smoking that causes stress. It is believed that smokers may seek temporary relief through smoking, but what they lack is true happiness. This lack of happiness is what prompts them to seek relief in smoking. This pattern can be well-defined by the term, vicious cycle.

Priyanka Kaul, a 35-year old, housewife said, "I was trying to give up on this habit for a really long time. But, I was always afraid that I might lose myself once I give up on smoking. The dependency was just too much. However, after years of debate, I finally managed to give up smoking. Today, to my surprise, I feel that I am much calmer and in control of myself." She added, "It’s amazing to learn that I don’t need a cigarette to help me control my emotions or fight stress. I am happy to know that I am no longer dependant on anything to find happiness."

This is just one example. It’s really up to you or the smoker to realise what makes them happy and what has drawn them to this habit, as it's proved that tobacco dependency is associated to high levels of stress. So, what would you rather have a vicious cycle of smoke taking control of your life or a life that is controlled by nobody else but yourself?


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