Protect your Unborn Child from Smoke


Smoking during pregnancy harmful for the child Its a well-documented fact that smoking during pregnancy can affect you and your child, especially your child. In fact, when it comes to your unborn child, go by what your mother always said, "Don’t just hear, listen!"

When it comes to pregnancy one has to follow every word of caution. To give you some facts, smoking increases the levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine in the mother’s bloodstream during pregnancy. This limits the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Nicotine blocks oxygen supply by narrowing blood vessels throughout your body, including the ones in the umbilical cord. So the baby gets very little oxygen to breathe. Naturally, the baby’s growth is at risk.

Other dangers include birth of a premature and underweight baby. This is not all. Due to poor supply of nutrients and oxygen, the chances of miscarriage and foetal brain damage are also high.

Also, during growing up stages, the child could face problems such as learning disability, chronic health issues such as asthma, behavioral problems, and relatively low IQs. A latest research also pointed out that children of smoking mothers are at a risk of developing cancer in their childhood. Pregnant mother smoking harms baby

Now, these points are just an outline of what could happen when the baby and the smoke come in close proximity. There are many other issues, and some are more dangerous. But, you can stop all this by, giving up smoking and save your unborn child.

Yes, it may not be an easy task. But, when the craving for just one cigarette arises, think about the baby. You could also:

  • Ask your family and friends to help you quit

  • Consult your doctor and get tips on how to quit effectively

  • Try meditation and relaxation

  • Keep reminding yourself that it’s all for your baby

  • Don’t give up too soon. Once again, go by the old adage, Keep trying until you succeed!

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Pregnancy and Smoking

Risks remain for pregnant quitters


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