Say No to Smoking


Say No to Smoking The phrase, 'Quitting is for Losers,' works as a complete antithesis in case of a smoker. In fact, if you were a chain smoker, and have managed to completely quit smoking, then people tend to look at you with pride. You become an example, a hero for many... for people you know and sometimes for people you don’t.

You are that one friend, colleague, cousin and so on, to some person in the crowd, who managed to give up smoking. Well, that must be a great feeling, a great sense of achievement, isn’t it? You will find enough websites, books and guides that will help you be ‘that’ hero.

If you are still struggling to pick up that book or browse the net, here are some tips that will help you start the quitting process:

  • Take a trip down memory lane: Find out what made you light that first cigarette. Then, analyse what made you want to continue. Don’t make a mental note; write down these points on a piece of paper. And, on the other side of the paper, note down why you want to quit. This should give you enough reasons to learn more about quitting.

  • Note the situation: Make an analysis of situations where you feel you smoke the most. Again, find out why you do so, and what will happen if you don’t smoke in these situations.

  • Break the myths: Now, that you’ve decided to quit smoking, take a professional approach. Read books, surf the net and consult your doctor to analyse which method suits you the best.

  • Take your friends into confidence: Tell your friends that you want to quit smoking, and that they should stand by you like a pillar of strength. You will be surprised to find out how your friends can help you stick to your determination.

  • Be nice to yourself: It’s about time. So, indulge in some shopping or spa treatments or just about anything. Just celebrate!

So, are you ready to be that hero? Go ahead, and pick a date and quit smoking!


champ said... @ May 12, 2009 at 6:01 PM

good job that you are creating awareness among people about tobacco , smoking etc.
thank you

apoorav said... @ June 1, 2009 at 11:13 AM

we should not do smoking beacuse its affect to our health.

pankaj said... @ June 8, 2009 at 3:30 PM

very hard but a divine job of saving lives........may god bless u all.....

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