What's your Say on Tobacco?


Welcome to India Matters, over 55,000 children use tobacco each day in India. While five million Indian children are said to be addicted to tobacco and one third of them are likely to die due to this addiction.

Every 2 out of 5 cancer cases in India are due to tobacco and nearly 2000 Indians die due to cancer each day. More than 5 million children in India are addicted to gutkha. What is your say on this?

For the first time the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health is being held in India from March 8th to 12th, 2009, where the policy makers will meet to discuss the future policies. Isn't it time that we did something? Salaam Bombay Foundation, an NGO that helps children kick their nicotine addiction, is going to put forward your opinion to the policy makers. Its Time for you to make a difference!


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