About Salaam Bombay Foundation


Salaam Bombay FoundationSalaam Bombay Foundation is an NGO that works with children on issues related to tobacco abuse. Their main aim is to eliminate the threat of tobacco for all children by empowering them to become confident individuals.

Every day, more than 55,000 children in India below the age of 15 are estimated to try tobacco for the first time. While five million Indian children are said to be addicted to tobacco and one third of them are likely to die due to this addiction.

The Foundation believes that educating children is the most enduring way of shaping the future of the country. When children have access to correct information they can make informed decisions to deal with everyday situations.

Salaam Bombay Foundation's activities are focused on creative processes and sports and hence, they encourage children to think in an out-of-the-classroom format. The programmes are engaging and interactive, and difficult messages are conveyed in a non-threatening and child-friendly manner.

Salaam Bombay Foundation is active in 75 Government aided schools in Mumbai and is also working in through the Rural Outreach Programme in Chandrapur and Thane districts. It has reached over 5 lakh children since 2002.


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